Tascam CD 200

Tascam CD 200, CD-Player

Item number: 10017939
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CD-Player • 2U Rackmountable CD Player with RCA and Optical S/PDIF Output • Plays audio CDs, MP3 CDs and WAV file CDs • CD TEXT and ID3 tag support • Continue, Random and Program play modes • Repeat All and Repeat Single play modes • Index Search • Shock/skip prevention memory buffer • +/-12% pitch control (analog outputs only) • RCA unbalanced line outputs • RCA and Optical S/PDIF digital out • 1/4" stereo headphone output • 2U rack mountable • Wireless 55-key remote control • The Tascam CD-200 CD player has unbalanced phono outputs and S/PDIF digital outputs on coaxial and optical jacks. MP3 and WAV file playback is supported, and front-panel Folder navigation buttons are provided. A wireless 55-key remote control with numerical track select buttons is also included. The Tascam CD-200 CD player plays back MP3 CDs, and has both optical and coaxial digital outputs. The CD-200 is equipped with a new transport designed for audio playback, along with a smooth-loading drawer and low clamping noise. Sound quality has also been improved, as the internal clock is more accurate and produces less jitter. A wireless remote control with numerical track select buttons is also included with the CD-200.