Tama 1st Chair HT730 Ergo Rider

Tama 1st Chair HT730 Ergo Rider, Drum Throne

Item number: 4108258
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Drum Throne • drum stool • Seat form: saddle • Material seat cover: Vinyl • Seat height: 48 - 67 cm • Backrest: no • Arbor: yes • Extendable backrest: yes, item no. 4108204 • Braces: Double • Special Features: Ergonomic formed • Tama HT730 Drum Throne HT730 ERGO-RIDER TRIO The Ergo-Rider seat provides ergonomic comfort and support. A hybrid of round seat and saddle seat, the Ergo-Rider combines the versatility of the former and playability of the latter. The front cutaway allows completely unimpeded thigh movement, even during the most rapid double bass patterns. In addition, two gentle seat indentations and an added 20mm upper insert of soft foam encourage the right posture while providing total playing comfort. Adjustable Height Range : 480mm-670mm (19"- 26 3/8")