T-Rex ToneBug Sustainer

T-Rex ToneBug Sustainer, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10051364
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Compressor • Compression and gain pedal • Natural sustain • Comp knob dials in the amount of compression • Sust knob controls the length of sustain • Attack switch lets you choose between a slow or fast attack • Runs on 9V battery or optional T-Rex Fuel Tank power supply • The T-Rex Tonebug Sustainer pedal provides natural sounding sustain effect for soloing, long-lasting chords, or feedback effects. It works by first compressing and limiting the signal from your guitar, and then applying gain to keep your tone sustained. The ToneBug Sustainer preserves your tone while sustaining it, without adding artificial colouring. Sustain has been a cornerstone of the classic rock sound, along with distortion, reverb, delays and modulation effects. The aim has always been to keep a good thing going, letting a single note, chord or feedback tone play on, and on, and on. Guitarists have used different methods for achieving sustain including holding their guitar up close to their amp. T-Rex has put it all in an easy-to-use pedal. The Sustainer is part of the T-Rex Tonebug series of pedals that combines the classic T-Rex tone found in their high-end pedals with uncomplicated controls at a price that any guitarist can afford.