T-Rex ToneBug Sensewah

T-Rex ToneBug Sensewah, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10054930
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Auto Wah • Envelope Filter and Wah Guitar Effects Pedal • Switchable between Wah-Wah and Yoy-Yoy • Triggered by picking • Adds effects to your sound automatically based on your playing • Sense knob controls how much wah you want • Range knob sets the frequency width of the effect • Powered by 9v battery or T-Rex Fuel Tank power supply (not included • The T-Rex Sensewah is a great-sounding wah-wah and envelope filter pedal that adds feel to your sound automatically based on your picking dynamics. The Sensewah pedal also offers the yoy effect, which replaces the funky "wah" with a freaky "yoy." Sensewah is part of the T-Rex Tonebug Series, a line of pedals that combines the classic T-Rex tone found in their high-end pedals with intuitive, uncomplicated controls, all at a price that any guitarist can afford.