T-Rex ToneBug Reverb

T-Rex ToneBug Reverb, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10016591
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Reverb • Special Features: True bypass • Revitalizes your guitar playing by simulating different playing environments • Dual-mode feature lets you choose between Modern and Spring modes • Delivers vintage reverb tone • The Tonebug Reverb from T-Rex is a stunning reverb guitar effects pedal that brings to life to dry flat-sounding guitar playing. The Tonebug Reverb pedal simulates real-life performance environments, from huge echoing concert halls and live stages to clubs. What makes the Tonebug Reverb such a versatile stompbox is its clever dual-mode feature. The mode switch lets you go from Modern's more contemporary reverb sounds to Spring for a world of vintage reverb that sounds almost too authentic to be true. The T-Rex Tonebug Reverb is really like having 2 separate peals in one.