T-Rex Tapster

T-Rex Tapster, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Tremolo/Vibrato • Technology: Digital • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Controls: Depth, Volume • Modes: 3 Subdivisions • Switches: On / Off, Tap Tempo • Housing size: Medium Size • Tremster tremolo pedal with Replica tap tempo function • Tap Tempo, Depth, Rate, Volume and Subdivision controls • Tap Tempo to adjust the tremolo rate as you play • Change the tremolo tempo dynamically as you play • The T-Rex Tapster Tremolo guitar effects pedal combines a Tremster tremolo pedal with the Tap Tempo function of the T-Rex Replica delay. Tap Tempo to adjust the rate of your tremolo as you play. Tap Tempo, Depth, Rate, Volume and Subdivision controls. The Subdivision switch chooses how the tremolo pulsates to the beat, in quarter notes, eight notes, or eight-note triplets.
  • DEPTH: determines the depth of the volume oscillation
  • RATE: controls the oscillation speed
  • VOLUME: control sets overall volume
  • SUBDIVISION: quarter note, eighth note, or eighth note triplet beat to determine the tremolo groove
  • TAP TEMPO: works like the tap tempo control on a T-Rex delay. Tap the switch to the beat, and the rate of your tremolo will sync up with the song's tempo