T-Rex Sweeper

T-Rex Sweeper, Bass Guitar Effect

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Bass Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Chorus • Bass Chorus Effects Pedal • Designed exclusively for bass • Controls: On/Off, Modulation, Level, Time Echo Repeat Fitter, Speed • Sturdy pedal that can withstand heavy gigging •
The T-Rex Sweeper is a premium-quality chorus pedal custom engineered for bass quitars . This means that no matter what rate or depth you set, you’ll get a phenomenal sounding chorus effect, and in stereo. the T-Rex Sweeper is intuitively designed and easy to use. What would the history of music sound like without chorus on the bass? It's hard to imagine. Without that gorgeous sweep that lifts the bass from its old role as a tuned kick drum to a vibrant, colourful instrument that often defines the sonic texture of a song, a lot of music simply wouldn’t be. Without the chorus bass, there'd be no funk, no modern pop ballads, certainly no fusion jazz, not much heavy metal, and a lot less rock. Without the chorus bass, great music just wouldn’t be as great. That's why T-Rex Engineering has created The Sweeper, a stunning chorus pedal for bass guitars that revives the sound of the chorus and gives bassists working in all styles of music a new tool for delivering classic bottom end. The T-Rex Sweeper isn’t especially complicated, or packed with all sorts of extra features. It’s a simple, intuitively designed pedal that does just one job – producing an exquisite chorus effect for the bass – better than many other pedals on the market. Depth conrols the amount of chorus effect, down for a subtle chorus, up for a great full sweep. Rate controls sweep speed, a fast rate with a low depth provides a light shimmering sound, a slower rate and higher depth creates a drqmatic chorus effect. Volume controls the overall output of The Sweeper, and Input Level avoids overdrive distortion by turning down the input signal. Stereo outputs provide a stero chorus effect. The secret to T-Rex The Sweeper bass chorus pedal is its tone. Designed exclusively for the bass, the T-Rex Sweeper pedal provides a gorgeous chorus effect no matter what depth or rate you set. There's not a frequency wasted on tone that might work for a guitar – but not for the bottom you have to deliver. So plug it in and try it for yourself. The T-Rex Sweeper bass guitar chorus effects pedal will quickly become the one pedal you can't play without.