T-Rex Room-Mate II

T-Rex Room-Mate II, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Reverb • Technology: Digital • Special Features: True bypass • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Including: AC Adapter • Four tube-based reverb modes: Spring, Hall, Room, and LFO • Mix, Level, Decay, Mode, Hicut, and Gain controls • Stereo operation • Includes power supply • The T-Rex Room Mate II reverb pedal offers the Spring, Room, Hall, LFO reverbs found in the original Room Mate plus several enhancements. The first of the updated features is a decay knob to adjust the reverb tail length in all four modes. Second, a hi-cut knob adds vintage vibe. Finally, a gain knob makes it possible to use your Room-Mate in an effects loop without overloading the pedal's input stage. The new Room-Mate offers the same Room , Hall, and LFO modes. But T-Rex added a revamped Spring. When the decay is set low in Spring mode, Room-Mate emulates a short-spring reverb. Turn the decay up, and you get a long-spring reverb.