T-Rex Reptile 2

T-Rex Reptile 2, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10051362
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Delay • Special Features: True bypass • Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal •
Echo, Level, Repeat, and Time controls • Enhanced Flutter section with Tone, Speed, and Width controls adds a touch of warble for a vintage, tape-delay sound • Tap tempo to match the speed of delay effect to the tempo of music • The T-Rex Reptile 2 pedal provides the best of the legendary Replica delay plus tap tempo. The Reptile delay pedal managed to squeeze the great sound and most of the features of their Replica delay into a pedal that any guitarist could afford. Now, T-Rex is pleased to bring you Reptile 2 Digital Delay with tap tempo. Tap tempo is the ability to control the tempo of the delay by tapping a button with your foot while playing. Besides Tap Tempo, Reptile 2 also features an enhanced Flutter section with a new Tone control. Flutter introduces a touch of random sounding warble to the delay for that great retro tape-effect sound. The Tone control removes the top end off the delayed repeats for an authentic vintage tone.