T-Rex Mudhoney

T-Rex Mudhoney, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Distortion • Special Features: True bypass • Ranges from mild distortions to extreme fuzz • Volume provides up to 3dB of boost • Maintains tight bottom end even in most extreme settings • T-Rex Mudhoney Fuzz Pedal The Mudhoney must be heard to be believed! In addition to a fine range of fuzz tones, the unit is capable of unleashing (with boost function engaged) the most hairy "in your face" fuzz mania via the creation of a wild subharmonic beneath the selected fuzz setting. With the boost disengaged, the T-Rex Mudhoney Distortion Pedal gives a mild to fierce boost, depending on gain setting that re-creates the guitar sounds of the psychedelic 60s. With the boost engaged, it adds a subharmonic beneath the selected fuzz setting. Unlike most distortions, Mudhoney is able to maintain a tight bottom end, even in the most extreme settings. The volume is unity gain in the 12 o'clock position and provides up to 3dB of boost. Handcrafted. 2-year unconditional warranty. The T-Rex Mudhoney is an analog pedal that uses a MOSFET transistor. It does not feature true bypass. However, it employs an on/off switch that is designed to bypass the sound without disturbance so that the pedal will not be heard when it is switched off.