T-Rex Möller

T-Rex Möller, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Overdrive • TONE: Adjusts the flavor of overdrive • GAIN: Controls the amount of overdrive. This pedal has lots of body, even with Gain turned down • MIX: Blends distorted (wet) and non-distorted (dry) signal • BOOST: Determines the amount of boost, from 1 - 20 db • LEVEL: Adjusts the output volume • VOICE: This pedal is tuned to fit all types of pickups, from Humbucker to single coil. Hit the VOICE button and hear the difference • Choose a mix of clean boost and dirty overdrive with the T-Rex Moller Vintage Overdrive guitar pedal. The T-Rex Moller is a classic overdrive pedal providing loads of dynamic overdriven tones with superb tonal control, separate transparent 0-20 db adjustable and switchable clean boost, and a unique overdrive/clean mix option. The Mix knob dials in the perfect balance between distorted and non-distorted signal. Rolled all the way up and with distortion maxed, the T-Rex Moller pedal sounds just like an old valve amp on full volume. Roll the mix knob back, and the clean signal starts to get through, meaning that if you pick lightly, or roll back the volume on your guitar, you get a stunning clean/softly clipping sound that retains all the feel and dynamics of your original tone, only bigger, louder and richer. The T-Rex Moller Boost function lets you dial in a solo level, whether the overdrive circuit is activated or not. For guitarists there is a distinction between overdrive and distortion. Distortion generally means extreme distortion and is associated with a buzzing or "fuzz" type of sound. Overdrive means a light semi-distortion with increased harmonics and presence, but not the same as all out distortion. Technically overdrive is still distortion, but it's mild enough that more of the character of the guitar comes through.