T-Rex Dr.Swamp

T-Rex Dr.Swamp, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Distortion • Special Features: True bypass • T-Rex Dr.Swamp The T-Rex Dr.Swamp is a double distortion pedal. It has that rich vintage sound, T-Rex is known for. Besides the warm crunchy sound, this pedal gives a lot of steady bottom. You can flip back and forth between the two gain settings A and B - by clicking switch A or B. The lid (A or B) is indicating the active gain. The pedal is turned off, by clicking the switch (A or B) that is lid. Knobs, controls and plugs The GAIN A Knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch A. The GAIN B Knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch B. The LEVEL Knob sets the overall volume. In mid-position (twelve o’clock) the volume level is 1:1. When turned full over (clockwise) the input signal is boosted 15dB. The TONE Knob affects the top end (edge) of your signal without compromising sonic quality, allowing you to dial in the perfect tonal flavour for you taste. Controls: GAIN A, GAIN B, LEVEL and TONE Connections: INPUT-Jack 6,3 mm. OUTPUT-Jack 6,3 mm. DC-Jack 2 mm. pin. Power supply: 9-12V DC or battery 9V Alkaline. Effect usage: 20 milli Amperes.