T.A.D. Silencer-2ohm, BK

T.A.D. Silencer-2ohm, BK

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T.A.D. Silencer-2ohm, BK · Little Helper

T.A.D. Silencer 2 ohm/ 150Watt
Power Soak for amp in black

The Silencer is a Power attenuator, speaker emulator and load box all in one unit. The unit connects between your amps speaker output and the speakers.
The Silencer allows you to control the volume and the tonal variation by allowing you to fully crank your amp. You control the amps Preamp, driver stage, output valves and transformers getting all your amps natural tone. You control the volume level as the silencer has 16 db of cut in segments of 2 db. You can have full power down to silence and any volume in-between. The silencer has a built in speaker emulator which will respond to your playing style the same way as your speakers.This without sucking all the soul out of your tone. You can use the load box section without any speaker connected. A plain signal can be taken from the fully adjustable line level or an emulated signal to your home recording machine, P.A or computer Ideal for those late night sessions.

Little Helper · T.A.D. Silencer-2ohm, BK

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