Sweetone C

Sweetone C, Tin Whistle

Item number: 10067660
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Tin Whistle • Material: Tin • Finish: Various colours • Head: Plastic • Body type: Tapered • Tuning: C • The Real Tin Whistle by Clarke Sweetone in the key of D These whistles are nickel-plated and have a plastic mouth-piece. They come in a selection of fun colours (red, black, blue, green). Sweetone Whistles by Clarke are available in the keys of D or C. The Sweetone whistle is ideal for beginners - it is easy to play, has a two octave range and is capable of all the ornamentation that other whistles can. It is made by Clarke - a company that has been making whistles since 1843. The fipple (mouthpiece) was designed for Clarke by Michael Copeland. Mr. Copeland made the whistle that was played in the movie "Titanic", and also is believed to have made the whistle that was played by Captain Picard on a few episodes of Star Trek.

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