Suhr Iso Line Out Box

Suhr Iso Line Out Box, Little Helper

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Little Helper • Subcategory: Others •
    Speaker Jack to Line Out conversion • Passive Triad Transformer coupled balanced to eliminate ground loops • Phase switch, ground lift and variable output • The Suhr ISO Line Out Box transforms the signal from a guitar amplifiers output jack into a transformer-isolated line level output signal. This line level signal can be used to feed an external effects processor, mixer or recorder. The Suhr ISO Line Out box is NOT a load box so the guitar amplifier MUST have a speaker connected at all times. The ISO Line Out box is not a speaker cabinet emulator. Connect a speaker output jack to one of the Speaker Thru jacks on the ISO Line Out box. If the amplifier has only one speaker output jack, connect this to one of the Speaker Thru jacks on the ISO Line Out box and plug the speaker into the other Speaker Thru jack. Connect the Line Out jack to a balanced or unbalanced jack of your mixer, effect or recording device. The Line Out jack of the Iso is wired for balanced or unbalanced connections. The transformer is wired to the tip and ring connections of the jack. The cable shield is floated and can be referenced to the box ground ONLY when a balanced cable is used. Use the phase switch to invert the polarity of the signal: up position to invert the polarity, down for normal polarity. The ground reference switch can be used to reference the box ground to the Line Out cable ground. This should ONLY be used with a balanced cable. For mono unbalanced cables, leave this switch in the down position.