Studiologic VMK161 Plus

Studiologic VMK161 Plus, Master Keyboard

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Master Keyboard • Keys: 61 keys • 61-key MIDI Controller with Weighted Piano Action, 9 Faders, 8 Knobs, 8 Buttons, and Transport Controls • 61 full-size keys with hammer action • 4 programmable pedal inputs • USB with bus power • 2 MIDI outputs • Velocity sensitive with aftertouch • LCD display • Pitch bend and modulation joystick • 30 user-programmable presets • Nine programmable faders • Eight programmable knobs • Eight programmable buttons •
Five button sequencer transport control • Three programmable pedal inputs • Built-in USB with bus power plus 2 MIDI outputs • Sustain footswitch included • The Studiologic VMK161 plus MIDI controller keyboard is a 61-key hammer-action controller. It's the perfect size for the gigging musician or a space-limited project studio but still has all of the wheels, sliders, knobs and controls to keep the most demanding keyboardist in control. Features USB bus power, two MIDI outputs and four programmable pedal inputs. Built-in USB plus two MIDI out ports make it easy to set up the VMK-161 Plus to be the master controller for studio or performances. With nine faders, eight knobs, and eight buttons, all assignable, you can control your soft synth parameters directly from the keyboard. In addition, the VMK-161 Plus features a complete transport section for handling your DAW or sequencer. With 30 programmable presets (including 11 set up for popular soft synths) you can quickly switch between applications.