Steinberg Cubase Artist 7 UG1 GBDFIESPT

Steinberg Cubase Artist 7 UG1 GBDFIESPT, DAW-Software

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DAW-Software • Update • Compatibility (Win, OSX, etc): Hybrid • Number of Audio Tracks: 64 • Number of MIDI tracls: 128 • VST / AU: compatible host • Notation: Yes, basic functions • Licensing: USB Dongle • Accessories: 46 Effects, 8 Instruments • Upgrade from Cubase Elements 6/7, Cubase Essential 4/5 to Cubase Artist 7 • This authorization upgrade migrates your current Cubase Elements 6/7 or Cubase Essential 4/5 to a fully functional license of Cubase Artist 7. Cubase Artist 7 represents a real upgrade in functionality and in audio quality, perhaps most notably with the new MixConsole. Cubase Artist 7 is the budget version of Steinberg's latest audio editing suite. Its interface and audio quality are identical to Cubase 7 but the Artist version has 64 audio tracks, 128 MIDI tracks, fewer inputs and outputs, fewer virtual instruments and effect plug-ins. For most home users, the Artist version of Cubase is more than enough to manage their recording projects. Running multiple headphone mixes and recording many tracks at once, you will need the full version, but for many project studios, Cubase Artist 7 is the solution. Top 5 New Features of Cubase Artist 7: • MixConsole: Complet new mixer with full-screen mode, total scalability and quick in-place access to the parameters most relevant to the task, MixConsole adjusts seamlessly to notebook screens and large-scale displays. • Channel Strip Modul: EQ and Dynamic-Effects in each channel plus 150 channel strip presets, 150 track presets plus many FX chain presets. • Remote Control Editor: visually customize the parameter layout of individual effects and instruments on your control surface. • More Sounds: Hybrid Expansion for HALion Sonic SE and 30 new Drum-Kits for Groove Agent ONE from Allen Morgan. • Chord Assistant: Lists chord suggestions from which you can choose. Helps generate everything from simple pop to complex jazz chord sequences.