Steinberg CMC AI

Steinberg CMC AI, MIDI Controller

Item number: 10055231
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MIDI Controller • Faders: - • Knobs: 1 Push Encoder • Transport function: - • Jog shuttle: Yes • Connections: USB • Footswitch connector: - • Bus Powered: Yes • Special Features: AI Knob controls every software parameter that is selected with the computer mouse • Accessories: Includes Cubase AI6 and Mini USB cable • Subcategory: DAW Controller • The Steinberg CMC-AI transport control surface adds total control to your Cubase or Nuendo DAW. Thanks to Steinbergs innovative AI Advanced Integration protocol, the CMC-AI can instantly take control of virtually any parameter on your screen. Its as easy as hovering your mouse over the control you want and hitting a button. Plus, you can and you can lock onto settings, freeing up your mouse. Grab an EQ knob, turn up the gain on your favorite distortion plug-in, sift through browser menus with the twist of your fingers - all with the CMC-AIs AI Knob. There are also two special modes for instantly grabbing the maser volume or jog wheel with the Steinberg CMC-AI.