Stagg USX-ROS-S, Ukulele

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Ukulele • Design: Soprano • Colour / Finish: Matt Natural • Back / Sides: Rosewood • Top: Solid Cedar • Fretboard: Rosewood • Neck: Mahogany • Tuning: g', c', e', a' • Scale Length: 350 mm • Special Features: Guitar tuners • Ukulele from Gewa model Brüko in blue Features: Body made from solid wood (beech, maple, mahogany) It comes in the colours (red, blue, green) with Hawaii motive Metal frets Patent-peg A ukelele is a small guitar of Portuguese origin popularized in Hawaii in the 1880s and strung typically with four strings. Ukelele (Hawaiian: “flea”), small guitar derived from the machada, or machete, a four-stringed guitar introduced into Hawaii by the Portuguese in the 1870s. It is seldom more than 24 inches (60 cm) long. The ukulele has been played in Europe and the United States as a jazz and solo instrument in the 20th century. It is tuned (in the middle-C octave) g¢–c¢–e¢–a¢ or d¢–f¢–a¢–b¢.