Sonor SKM1

Sonor SKM1, Metallophone

Item number: 4305265
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Metallophone • Tuning: Diatonic • Tuning: Soprano • Number of tones: 14 • Pitch Range: c2-fis3 with fis and b • Bars: Metale specialised alloy • Response box: 3 • Response Box: pine wood • Accessories: Incl. beater/sticks • Soprano Metallophone SKM 1 Product details: tonal range: c2 to f-sharp3 type: soprano scale: C-major scale with f-sharp2, b-flat2 and f-sharp3 number of bars: 14 bars tuning: fundamental tuning bars: grey special alloy metal bars 40 x 6 mm resonator box: resonator with 4 chambers made of pinewood, ply-wood mallets: 1 pair SCH 5