Sonor Palisono TAKX300

Sonor Palisono TAKX300

  • Tuning: Chromitic
  • Tuning: Alto Tenor
  • Number of tones: 26
  • Pitch Range: cis1 - cis3
  • Bars: Palisono 38 x 15 mm
  • Response box: 8
  • Response Box: pine wood
  • Special Features: combination of TAKX 1ßß and TKAX 200
  • Accessories: Incl. beater/sticks
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Sonor Palisono TAKX300 · Xylophone

Tenor-Alto Xylophone TAKX 300 from Sonor

Palisono is a fiberglass-enforced material, that was developed by Sonor in cooperation with specialists in composite fabrics. The sound characteristics of Palisono make it ideally suited for the manufacturing of xylophones. A main feature of Palisono is its resistance against humiditiy and temperature changes thus ensuring perfect pitch and durable tuning quality.

Product details:
Combination of xylophones TAKX 100 and TAKX 200
tonal range: c1 to c-sharp3
type: tenor-alto
scale: chromatic scale
number of bars: 26 bars
tuning: overtone tuning up to c-sharp2, fundamental tuning from d2
bars: palisono bars 38 x 15 mm
resonator box: resonator boxes with 4 chambers made of pinewood, ply-wood
mallets: 1 pair SCH 11

Xylophone · Sonor Palisono TAKX300

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