Sonor Palisono NKS100PO-C

Sonor Palisono NKS100PO-C, Chime Bars

Item number: 10069170
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Chime Bars • single tone • Tuning: harmonic tuning • Tuning: Sub double bass • Pitch Range: c • Number of tones: 1 • Bars: Palisono 95 x 20 mm • Clang panel material: Wood • Response Box: pine wood • Sonor NKS 100 PO C Chime Bars - Xylophone Features: tonal range 5 available chime bars: C, C-sharp, D, D-sharp, E type: sub-contra bass tuning: overtone tuning bars: palisono bars 95 x 20 mm resonator box; resonator per chime bar made of pinewood, ply-wood