Sonor Meisterklasse GBKX20

Sonor Meisterklasse GBKX20

  • Tuning: Chromitic
  • Tuning: Bass
  • Number of tones: 6
  • Pitch Range: cis, dis, gis, cis1, dis1, gis1
  • Bars: Rosewood 45 x 22 mm
  • Response box: 6
  • Response Box: pine wood
  • Special Features: extension to GBKX 10
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Wood has been used for this product which is subject to the CITES Convention on Species Protection. Further information

Sonor Meisterklasse GBKX20 · Xylophone

Xylophone Sonor Meisterklasse GBKX 20
Deep Bass Xylophone
Masterclass Rosewood Xylophones

tonal range: c-sharp, d-sharp, g-sharp, c-sharp1, d-sharp1, g-sharp1
type: deep bass
chromatic extension for GBKX 10
number of bars: 6 bars
tuning: overtone tuning
bars: rosewood bars 45 x 22 mm
resonator box: resonator with 6 chambers made of pinewood, ply-wood

Xylophone · Sonor Meisterklasse GBKX20

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