Sonor Giant Step GMP4 Middle Pedal

Sonor Giant Step GMP4 Middle Pedal, Bassdrum Pedal

Item number: 4502129
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Bassdrum Pedal • Double • Pedal Transmission: Nylon/chain • Baseplate: Yes • Beater material: Plastic / felt • Chain procedure: Linear • Special Features: Middle pedal • Accessories: Bag • Bassdrum pedal Sonor Giant Step GMP Middle Pedal Middle Pedal The Giant Step Middle Pedal is a new Double Pedal with perfect symmetrical action. This allows for flexible setups with an ideal center position of the snare drum and enhances playing techniqhe significantly. It allows for more flexible drum set ups and improves positioning of pedals and drums as well. Beater: 2 x Sch 28 Giant Step Bag 2 x GPB