Sonor D13 Bird Design

Sonor D13 Bird Design, Djembe

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Djembe • Diameter: 13" (33,02 cm) • Body Material: Thai oak • Skin type: Goat skin • Colour / Finish: Soft Black / White • Strain system: Screw strain • Height: 60,0 cm • Special Features: Graphic design • Accessories: Tuning key • Sonor D13 Bird Design Djembe Djembe 13" The Djembe is one of the most widespread African drums. Its combination of a dark, raw sound character and a bright, brilliant attack allows for a multitude of sound. New playing techniqes and styles have evolved over the years. The design motifs are adapted from the Kpanlogo. Due to its lightweight hardware it offers a very comfortable playing feel. A carrying strap is available separately. Description: bird design, XLite Rim/ chrome, floor ring/ rubber, carrying adapter Material: Hevea Wood Skin: goat skin Height: 25" (62.5 cm)