Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel

Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel, FX Plugin

Item number: 10054520
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FX Plugin • EQ and Compression Plug-in - Mac/PC VST, AudioUnits, RTAS • Classic Tube-Tech-Sound • Authentic model developed together with Tube-Tech • PE 1C – „Pultec“-Sound EQ • ME 1B – Midrange Equalizer • CL 1B – Opto Compressor • Requires iLok Dongle • Download Version: we send you the license code per mail • The Softube Classic Channel gives warm, vintage EQ and compression in an easy-to-use plug-in. The sonic essence of vintage Pultec EQs and CL1B compressors was their classic tube warmth and the gentle, highly musical general nature of the effect. Based on Tube-Tech's hardware updates of the iconic originals, Softube's Classic Channel lets you work your tracks with these classics in one convenient plug-in that includes a PE 1C equalizer, ME 1B midrange EQ, and CL 1B opto-compressor. Together, they'll breath new life into your sound. This product is delivered by download. You will receive the license code to complete your order via mail.

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