Smith & Stange SS-700 OR

Smith & Stange SS-700 OR, Effect Pedalboard

Item number: 10064585
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Effect Pedalboard • Size: for > 10 Pedals • Technology: Multiplex • Dimensions W/H/D: 740 x 358 x 118 mm • Fixture type: Hook and Loop Tape Band • Power supply: None • Features: second foldable level, lighting, hidden cables • Pedalboard with space for 16 stompbox sized guitar effects pedals • The Smith Strange SS700 pedalboard provides enough space for approximately fourteen stompbox sized guitar effects peddals. Internal dimensions 700mm wide and extenal dimensions W 740 x D 358 x H 118cm.
  • Pedalboard with space for 16 stompbox sized pedals
  • 16 cm wide black velcro on the shelves and inside the base
  • Full length cable slots underneath the Velcro
  • Hinged upper shelf lifts and locks for easy access to the internal compartment for cable routing, power pack etc.
  • Internal right and left LED lights
  • 50mm protected cable hole on left and right side panels
  • Protective corners
  • Supplied with self-adhesive Velcro for mounting pedals
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