Smith & Stange SS-500 BK

Smith & Stange SS-500 BK, Effect Pedalboard

Item number: 10064579
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Effect Pedalboard • Size: for 8 - 10 Pedals • Technology: Multiplex • External Dimensions: 540 x 358 x 118 mm • Fixture type: Hook and Loop Tape Band • Power supply: None • Features: second foldable level, lighting, hidden cables •
    Pedalboard for 10 stompbox format guitar effects pedals • The Smith Stange SS-500 pedalboard provides space for approximately ten stompbox sized guitar effects pedals. Measures 500mm wide internal, W 540 x D 358 x H 118 external.
      Pedalboard for 10 normal sized guitar effects pedals 16 cm wide black velcro on the shelves and in the base Velcro for mounting pedals Full length cable slots underneath the Velcro Hinged upper shelf for access to the internal compartment for cable routing, power pack etc Internal LED lights left and right 50mm protected cable hole on left and right side panels Protective corners
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