SM Pro Audio MPatch 2

SM Pro Audio MPatch 2, Monitor-Controller

Item number: 100030479
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Monitor-Controller • Number of Monitor Pairs: 2 • Number of inputs: 2 • Headphone Outputs: 1 • Enclosure: Desktop • Special Features: Completely passive • Passive loudspeaker control • Independent Main and Aux loudspeaker Volume controls • Aux & Stereo inputs • Balanced and unbalanced inputs • XLR, Jack & RCA inputs, XLR outputs • Mono/Stereo Switch • Mute Switch • Seperate headphone Volume control • 3.5mm mini jack input for soundcard • The SM Pro M-Patch 2 is a passive monitor controller with two switched inputs, each with its own rotary level control: a main stereo input with Neutrik Combi XLR, balanced TRS or unbalanced TS jacks, and unbalanced twin phono and 1/4-inch Aux inputs. The input signals then pass through Stereo/Mono and Mute on/off switches and are then routed to one of two identical balanced outputs on pairs of XLRs. Two stereo output channels are provided (A&B) with a selector switch on the front panel. Plus a headphone amplifier with level control. To monitor the audio via the built in headphone amplifier, the included external power supply is required. Even with power connected to the M-Patch 2 the main monitoring outputs remain outside of the power circuit. The SM Pro Audio MPatch 2 contains no active circuitry, buffers, transistors, batteries, or power supply interferes with the main passive output of the M-Patch 2. It simply attenuates signals. The M-Patch 2's dual rotary controls provides precise level adjustments within 1dB from 0 to -40dB, with +/- .5dB interchannel accuracy to -60 dB.
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