Shure ULX P4

Shure ULX P4, Single Components

Item number: 2706232
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Single Components • UHF receiver • Features at a glance:
  • Scan-Feature detects available frequencies
  • Processor-controlled Diversity prevents dropouts
  • Frequency and volume lockout feature avoids accidental changing of settings
  • LC-Display indicates group, channel, frequency, aktive lock and battery status of the transmitter
  • Endlos-Dial
  • Level modulator
  • LED strings for RF and NF level
  • Diversity LEDs
  • Lambda/2-antennas
  • Robust 9,5" metal chassis with 19" mounting kit
ULX wireless system: Shure´s ULX wireless system fills the gap between the UT and the UHF Wireless Microphone System which has established as a worldwide standard for professionals and stage performances. Both the ULXS4 standard receiver and the ULXP4 professional receiver and a handheld transmitter and 5 changeable microphone elements are available. The old cartridges SM58 or SM87, the Beta 58 supercardioid as well as the Beta 87 condenser cartridge, either as cardioid (type C) or as supercardioid-patterned (type A) version, are compatible. The ULX bodypack transmitter allows you to connect lavalier microphone of the SHURE WL series and is suitable for electric guitars (using a cable adapter) as well. Both receivers are equipped with a large, clear LCD. They feature Automatic Frequency Selection with a group scan function detecting an available frequency group and its free channels. The ULXP professional receiver features additional RF and diversity A/B LEDs, level modulation, as well as 1/2 antennas which, compared to the shorter 1/4 antennas, maintain a strong reception even over a longer distance.