Shure SLX2/Beta87A

Shure SLX2/Beta87A, Single Components

Item number: 2706305
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Single Components • UHF handheld transmitter • The Shure SLX series provides a professional, wireless microphone system operating in the UHF range. The patented "Audio Reference Companding" technology delivers excellent audio transmission and crystal-clear sound in a large dynamic range. Available carrier frequencies will be found automatically. Frequency and transmitter are automatically synchronised by an infrared link which ensures fast and flawless configuration. Preset groups containing up to 12 compatible channels facilitate the configuration of multi channel systems The SLX2 is a wireless handheld microphone with a replaceable microphone cartridge. The backlit display indicates battery status and the set carrier frequency. The power on/off switch as well and the set frequency can be locked. This status is also indicated by the display. Other handheld transmitters compatible with the SLX UHF wireless system include: SLX 2/Beta58; (Item No. 2706304) SLX 2/SM86; (Item No. 2706303) SLX 2/SM58; (Item No. 2706302) SLX 2/Beta87C; (Item No. 2706306) SLX 2/Beta87A; (Item No. 2706305) The Shure SLX4 receiver can be purchased additionally (Item No. 2706300)