Shure PGX14E/WL93 T1

Shure PGX14E/WL93 T1, Wireless Systems

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Wireless Systems • Wireless options: Lavalier / Lapelle Microphone • Frequency band: UHF 846 - 865 MHz • Receiver technology: True diversity • Capsule type: Shure WL 93 • Pickup pattern: Omni-directional • Battery Life: up to 8 hours • Features: Audio Reference Companding, microprocessor-controlled predictive diversity • Receiver Features: 180 x 115 x 40 mm plastic enclosure; asymm, 6,3 mm jack and symm, XLR • Including: Reciever PGX 4, pocket transmitter PGX1; Lavalier WL93; batteries; plastic case • Simultaneous channels: up to 12 • Features at a glance:
  • Frequency band in UHF range
  • Receiver uses True Diversity technology
  • Handheld transmitter comes with Sennheiser supercardioid condenser capsule MD 865
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life depending on handheld transmitter
  • Allows simultaneous use of up to 12 systens
  • Complete Set includes receiver PGX4, handheld transmitter PGX1, clip-on microphone WL 93 and power supply
The bodypack transmitter PGX1 features a multi-function LED indicator for power, lockout, MUTE, and low battery status. In addition to the combined Power/­­Mute switch, bodyback transmitter provides 8 hours of continuous use using two AA batteries and up to 100 m of transmission range. The PGX4 True-Diversity Receiver is a compact and robust wireless receiver. Its microprocessor-controlled "predictive diversity" improves quality of reception and minimises dropouts. With the aid of Automatic Frequency Selection, the receiver automatically scans for available channels. The frequency between transmitter and receiver is then synchronised automatically by an infrared signal. The Shure WL93 is an affordable subminiature lavalier microphone featuring a polar, omni-directional condenser capsule which is well-suitable for applications where low visility of the microphone is required. All WL93 models are supplied with a mounting block with attached tie bar, a sew-on mounting bracket, and an acoustic windscreen to minimize wind noise in outdoor applications. All WL93 models include a cable terminated with a 4-pin mini connector which connects directly to a Shure wireless body-pack transmitter.