Shure PGDMK6 Drumset

Shure PGDMK6 Drumset, Mic Bundle

Item number: 2706241
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Mic Bundle • Drum Microphone Set • The complete set for drum miking, supplied with overhead. The PGDMK6 drum microphone set includes three PG 56 snare drum/ tom microphones, a PG 52 mic for bass drum miking, two PG 81 instrument mics, three A50D microphone clamps, six symmetrical, 4,5 m long XLR cables and a rugged carrying case. The PG 56 is a compact drum mic designed for close miking and the PG 52 is a special microphone which has been specifically designed for delivering maximum low-frequency punch. Characterised with a linear frequency response, the PG 81 is ideally suited for overhead miking and cymbal miking. The A50D microphone clamp fits perfectly to the rim of almost any tom and its flexible, rubberised construction offers stability and is easy to set up. The Shure drum set „PG DMK4“ includes the following microphones and accessories: • 1 x Shure PG 52 for bass drum (Item No. 2706225) • 3 x Shure PG 56 for snare drum/ tom (Item No. 2706226) • 2 x Shure PG 81 for overhead miking/hi hat (Item No. 2706229) • All required microphone clamps as well as a carrying case