Showtec XB-Double Derby LED DMX

Showtec XB-Double Derby LED DMX, Disco Effect

Item number: 10048377
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Disco Effect • Effect Type: Derby effect • Bulbs: 3 LEDs • DMX addressing: DMX-512 • Radiation Angle: 137° • Sound to Light: yes • Master / Slave: yes • Stand Alone Functionality: yes • Power Consumption: 25 W • power connection: Schuko ( German Norm) • Colour Mixing: RGB • Life: 50.000 hours • Size: 283 x 297 x 264 mm • Weight: 2,7 kg • 2-channel DMX-512 LED derby effect
• Continuous rotation or back and forth
motor control • Built-in automated programs via
master/slave or DMX (motors only) • Built-in sound activated programs
via master/slave or DMX (motors only)
• High-power, 3W (730mA) LEDs • XB Mount multiple units together with
adjustable, optional bracket (XB BRACKET) • Additional power output:
max. 37 units @ 240V • Fitted with three high- power LEDs, the XB-Double Derby updates the classic derby effect and is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, easing transportation, installation, stowing and use. It is linkable with other fixtures in the XB series that share the XB Bracket. Preprogrammed and sound-activated via master/slave or DMX. Coverage angle: 132° Light source: 3 (1 x red, 1 x green, 1 x blue) LEDs Power and current: 240V, 50Hz: 24W, 0.2A operating, 0.6AT Fuse AC power: Autoswitching 100V – 240V 50/60Hz Dimensions: 283 x 297 x 264 mm Weight: 2,7 kg