Showtec Lightdesk Pro 136

Showtec Lightdesk Pro 136, Light Controller

Item number: 100011178
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Light Controller • 136 Channel DMX controller for 8 scanners and 8 parcans • Up to 8 intelligent lights, each with 16 DMX channels can be controlled • 96 scene memories • 8 chases can be created from each of 96 scenes • Speed ​​and Fadzeit programmable • Tap Sync function • Blackout • Patching function • Joystick with fine-tuning mode and 4 direction buttons • The Showtec Light Desk Pro 136 is the latest light-control console, designed by Highlite International BV. It is a user-friendly and affordable controller, specially designed to create lightshows, in which users can combine scanners and moving heads, together with traditional parcans. The controller offers a range of control features previously unavailable in this catagory. Equipped with a large LCD display, the Light Desk Pro 136 has two separate sections; one for eight scanners with 16 DMX channels, the other section has eight DMX addresses for parcans. Users can program up to 96 scenes and eight chases with 99 steps in the scanner section. In set-up mode, it is possible to patch all scanner-channels, including the joystick. There are eight dimming faders and one master fader in the parcan section, with memory for 96 scenes and six chases with 99 steps. All programmes can be saved and stored by a built-in Compact Flash disc drive. This unit is designed as a desk model, but it is also 19" rack mountable. Scanner section: • 8 items with max. 16 channels • 96 Scanner scenes • 96 Scanner- Chaser with 99 phases • programmable Speed and Fade times • Tap-Sync • Blackout • Patching • Joystick (Fine/Fast) PAR- Section: • 8 channel Dim Fader / 1 Masterfader • 96 PAR-Scenes • 96 PAR-Chaser with 99 phases • One/Mix/Sequence selection for 16x6 lights • Tap-Sync • Blackout • Full-On • 136 DMX-Channels • LC-Display • DMX and MIDI IN • Built-in mic • Input for foot switch • Simultaneous and independent use of Scanner and PAR Sections • DMX 512 output (3-pol XLR)