Sherlock Audio Speaker-Mate Model Five

Sherlock Audio Speaker-Mate Model Five, Little Helper

Item number: 100017897
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Little Helper • Impedance changer • Multi speaker to amp interface • Connect multiple matched impedance pairs or several mismatched impedance triple cabinets • Compare two different speaker setups, either individually or together on the same amp all while maintaining a safe operating load impedance • Neutrik Speakon 2-pole NL2 keyed locking speaker cable connectors • Have you ever wanted to connect a third or fourth cab to your Amp Head? One or two additional cabs to your combo? Four or more cabs to your power amp? And always failed due to the annoying impedances? The Speakermate is an ingenious little box that solves such problems sovereignly. The CX is the solution for combo owners. Works with or without the internal speaker and with different ohms .
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