Sennheiser XSw-52-C

Sennheiser XSw-52-C, Wireless Systems

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Wireless Systems • Wireless options: Headset Microphone • Frequency band: 766 - 790 MHz • Receiver technology: True diversity • Capsule type: Sennheiser ME 3 • Pickup pattern: Cardioid • Battery Life: up to 10 hours • Features: n/a • Receiver Features: 9.5 "/ 1U, XLR and Unbalanced jack connection. • Including: Receiver, pocket transmitter with headset microphone • Simultaneous channels: up to 12 • The Sennheiser XS WIRELESS system is your introduction to the world of wireless sound transmission. Enter the stage with wireless complete packages: Easy to operate, completely reliable and powerful sound. Lightweight and comfortable. The Sennheiser XSw-52-E Head mic Set provides total freedom of movement for a vivid and impressive performance. The professional ME 3 headset microphone provides crystal-clear sound even in noisy environments. Contents:
    1 EM 10 stationary receiver 1 SK 20 bodypack 1 ME 3 headset microphone (cardioid) NT 1 2-3 PSU 2 antennas 2 AA batteries 1 Transmitter Bag Instruction manual