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Multi-Effects Roland VT-4
Multi-Effects Roland VT-4Multi-Effects Roland VT-4Multi-Effects Roland VT-4Multi-Effects Roland VT-4

Roland VT-4

  • Mic-preamp: Yes 48 V phantom power switchable
  • Effects: Robot, Megaphone, Vocoder, Harmony, Reverb
  • Inputs and Outputs: Mic In: XLR-Klinke Combi (rear) 3,5 mm (front), Phones: 3,5 mm, Line Out: 2x 6,3 mm
  • Special Features: Voice Transformer
  • Presets: 8 scene-memory locations
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 174 x 133 x 58 mm

Roland VT-4 · Multi-Effects

With the Roland VT-4 effect processor it is possible to shape and form the sound of the voice in a unique way. From the simple "spice" to the radical transformation, a lot is feasible and thanks to the intuitive operation also conceivably simple. This way, stunning vocal effects like harmonizers, vocoders, pitch shifting, Mickey mousing and much more are just a button, slider or knob away. With the VT-4, it's easy to create complex vocal effects. Moreover, you can use multiple effects at the same time.

The MIDI port allows you to use a MIDI keyboard to control the auto-pitch, vocoder and harmonizer engines in real time via the notes you play. Even polyphonic harmonies can be realized this way. For on the road, the VT-4 can also be operated with 4xAA batteries. The run time is specified with up to 6 hours (without Phantom Power) and up to 4 hours (with Phantom Power). So if you want to get more out of your voice, you should take a closer look at the Roland VT-4.


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