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The company RCF (formally known as “Radio Cine Forniture”) was founded in the Reggio Emilia / Italy in 1949 and started developing microphones and loudspeakers. The majority of brands on the market today make their products from components purchased by suppliers. RCF prefers to develop and produce all needed components by itself. Many landmarks of the audio industry have been set by RCF due to extensive years of research, development and production. In the mid 60´s RCF was the first company to make a commercially available 300 watt power amp. During the same time RCF was one of the first companies in Europe with a highly sophisticated research center for loudspeakers, compressor drivers and tweeters. Also in this time the first of 3 anechoic rooms was built, that are very important for the RCF development. RCF uses a wide range of innovative, new technologies in the development of chassis as well as electronics. RCF develops loudspeakers for pure sound with minimal distortion, high performance and a long durability. All RCF active and passive loudspeakers have an outstanding performance due to the use of these innovative loudspeaker systems. RCF has always been very proud of its product range which is developed and produced in Italy and available for professional users in the whole world