SE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter

SE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter, Acoustic Panels

Item number: 10044264
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Acoustic Panels • Portable Acoustic Treatment to Reduce Room Ambience in Untreated Recording Spaces • Portable acoustic treatment you can take anywhere • Affordable enough for any serious project studio • Easy to use and convenient to set up • Improves the acoustic quality of your recording space-without requiring permanent treatment • The Project Studio RF Reflexion Filter mounts on a mic stand and sits behind the microphone, blocking sound from going past the mic and reverb-ing around the room. Inside its metal frame is a patented sound-absorbing composite-fiber shield layered with crystal foam which does an excellent job of absorbing sound. By stopping the sound before it can bounce off of the walls, the Project Studio RF effectively acts as a whole room full of acoustic treatment, but at a fraction of the cost. If you're looking for an excellent way to control the acoustics of your project studio, then it's time to pick up the sE Electronics Project Studio RF.
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