SE Electronics Munro The Egg 150

SE Electronics Munro The Egg 150, Active Monitor

Item number: 10056209
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Active Monitor • Main Feature: Nearfield monitor • Technology: 2-Way active • Components: 6" Polypropylene membrane; 1" silk tweeter • Amplifier output per channel: 50 + 50 W • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 51 Hz - 20 kHz • Analog inputs: XLR balanced, ¼" jack and RCA (unbalanced) • Special Features: Calibrated matched set • Dimensions W/H/D: Egg Form: 14 litres volume • Magnetically shielded: Yes • Price & packaging unit: A pair • Designed by UK acoustician Andy Munro • Active Bi-amped Nearfield Monitors with Unique Ovoid Shape, Monocoque Construction, Free-standing Electronics, and Matched Speaker Cables • The sE Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System is a active bi-amped nearfield monitor system with a unique ovoid shape, monocoque construction, free-standing electronics, and matched speaker cables. Since the early 1940s, the cabinet's influence over the sound of a loudspeaker has been known, with an ovoid (egg shape) theoretically being the ideal cabinet shape. sE and UK acoustician Andy Munro put theory into practice and delivered a stylish studio monitor that will astonish you with its accuracy, bass response, volume level, and stable stereo imaging. The sE Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System features an egg shape that generates no internal standing waves. Many studio monitors use front baffles with rounded edges to reduce diffraction distortion. The Egg provides the ultimate front baffle shape, so the mix leaves the drivers and arrives at your ears pure and undistorted. All this greatly reduces smearing, so you get an ultra-accurate picture of how your music really sounds.
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