Schreiber D-12
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Schreiber D-12

  • Finger style: German system
  • Tuning: Bb
  • Pitch: 443/445 Hz
  • Number of keys: 16
  • Rings: 6
  • Material: African blackwood
  • Finish: Black
  • Keywork material: Nickel silver, thick plated
  • Mouthpiece: Schreiber Mouthpiece
  • Barrel: 52mm and 54 mm
  • Thumb hook: Adjustable thumb hook with ring
  • Accessories: Gigbag and accessories
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Schreiber D-12 · Clarinet

Schreiber D-12 Clarinet suited for children

Children’s clarinet D12 in Bb with a keywork especially adapted for children’s hands from Schreiber

The new Schreiber children’s clarinet in Bb has been especially developed for children with small hands. The keywork has been adjusted to the smaller spread of children’s hands allowing effortless and relaxed playing. The D12 clarinet is tuned in Bb, enabling the student to easily play the Bb clarinet in an ensemble. The combination of these features facilitates a future transition to a traditional Bb-clarinet. Therefore, the Schreiber D12 clarinet is recommended for the project “Making Music in the classroom with wind instruments” in Germany.

Regarding intonation, sound and finish, the children’s clarinet D12 has the same outstanding characteristics as all Schreiber clarinets. The keywork has several special features. The upper joint is equipped with 2 linked trill keys (Bb and C) sharing the same tonehole. There are additional resonance holes on the third ring of the upper part for perfect tuning of e’/a’’, and on the first ring of the lower part for perfect tuning of c’/g’’. The tonehole for b’/f#’’ is located at the side and is covered with an additional side cap.

The clarinet comes with an especially developed mouthpiece from the JD series for Bb clarinet. The handy gigbag case with its modern design offers optimal protection during transport.

Tuned in Bb
Keys positioned closer together
Silver-plated keywork
Body in standard size
Undercut tone holes
Additional resonance hole on the third ring of the upper joint
Additional resonance hole on the first ring of the lower joint
Adjustable thumb rest with a hook for the carrying strap
JD6N mouthpiece
Gigbag case
High quality leather pads

German system
Bb clarinet
Standard size body
16 keys, 6 rings
2 trill keys
Adjustable thumb rest
Mouthpiece, 2 barrels
Gigbag case with accessories

Clarinet · Schreiber D-12

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  • (Pflegeanleitung für Schreiber Klarinetten.pdf)
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