Schlagwerk Log Drum 45041

Schlagwerk Log Drum 45041, Log Drum

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Log Drum • Amount of clang tongues: 4 • Material: Padouk wood • Pitch Range: c' - e' - g' - b' • Dimensions W/H/D: 45 x 15 x 15 cm • Special Features: Character of a major seventh chord • Tuned Log Drum from the firm Schlagwerk Soprano, 4 pitch range from c-b Dimensions: 45x15x15cm Made from Padouk wood A log drum is a type of unpitched percussion that creates its resonance with two tongues that are carved into a wooden box. This box is usually made out of cherry or maple wood. The two tongues are carved in a manner that one is a higher pitch than the other one. When a tounge is struck, it vibrates, resonating through the box-like chamber and creating a dark mellow tone. The instrument is to be played with soft rubber or yarn mallets. The modern equivalent of the ancient hollow tree trunk! Bring melody into drumming with a Log Drum An integral part of African, Indonesian and Latin American culture since primeval times, the log drum has been used in rituals or as a means of communication. It was first used in Europe in folk and experimental percussion-orientated music. Today finds the log drum being used in fields such as early education, musical instrument instruction, music at home and music therapy. This creative instrument offers unlimited possibilities ranging from methodical playing to pure uninhibited playing pleasure. Whether equipped with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 tongues, the log drum is an instrument, which can be easily played without restrictions and requires no prior knowledge of music. Nothing grates, nothing sounds off key because the tuning allows for every kind of playing. In next to no time, it is possible to produce fascinating rhythmical and melodious music.

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