Schlagwerk CH540M

Schlagwerk CH540M

  • Key: Shiva Shakti
  • Material: aluminum
  • Overall length: 110 cm
  • Size: Medium
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Schlagwerk CH540M · Wind Chime

110 cm, silver
The Sun Tone and the Moon: Shiva Shakti.
Sun and moon as embodiment of male and female principle, felt by its round and warm sound. This wind chime comes with two basic tones at a third pitch (roughly our western notes g# and b) and the corresponding fifth and octave tones. Low friction and balancing.

Floating sounds, harmonic tone sequences:
Windchimes can vibrate the body and the soul and positively influence well-being. They exist in different basic settings. They are tuned in a pentatonic tone sequence, starting from a fundamental note, and thus receive their respective individual sound characteristics. Most of the tunings are based on planetary tones, the fundamental vibrations of which are brought into audible frequencies by octaving. Overtone-rich vibration behavior and harmonious sound images characterize the windchimes. Each windchime is intonated with a high-precision measuring device.

Wind Chime · Schlagwerk CH540M

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