Schlagwerk 2inOne CP404

Schlagwerk 2inOne CP404

(21 Ratings)
  • Playing surface: Beech
  • Body Material: Birch
  • External Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Snare effect: 2-in-one technique with 40 spirals
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Schlagwerk 2inOne CP404 · Cajon

2inOne is the name of the two new models in the Snare Cajon series with a special highlight: In no time the “2inOne” Cajons can be changed from the simple “box” into an all-purpose Snare Cajon. A distinctive, crisp sound, two different heights and a remarkable design: 100% made in Germany!

CP 404 "2inOne" - Snare Cajon
Large 30 x 30 x 50 cm

The new Snare Cajon series is very similar to the Cajon la Perù®. The significant difference here is the use of snare wires in order to modify the sound spectrum. Optimally positioned, the snare wires produce a clear and distinctive, but also easily controllable sound. The bass tone is what you have come to expect of the renowned SCHLAGWERK quality.

Schlagwerk 2inOne
The special feature of the Schlagwerk 2-in-One Cajon series is that you can make two different sound settings. Kill two birds with one stone if you will.

Sound One: modern
Inside the 2inOne Cajon are perfectly adjusted snare spirals which sit in a precisely defined angle to the the playing surface. When playing the sound spirals vibrate, controlled and thereby produce a modern snare Cajon sound.

Sound Two: traditional
The snare spirals can be removed very easily from the Cajon which then produces the traditional Cuban sound.

Cajon · Schlagwerk 2inOne CP404

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