Samson XP-308-i-Set

Samson XP-308-i-Set, Passive PA-Speakers

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Passive PA-Speakers • Complete PA set • Design: Multifunctional cabinet • Components: 8" LF-/1" HF-driver • Power (watts rms): 300 W • directional characteristic: 90° x 60° • Internal cross over: Yes • Connections: ¼" Jack • Enclosure: Black PVC plastic • Flyability: No • Pole flange: Yes • Special features: incl. Powermixer with 2x 150 W, 4 Mono and 2 Stereo channels; Speaker cable • Dimensions (WxHxD): 270 x 265 x 270 mm • PA Bundle 1 x Samson XP-3081 Expedition PA system 1 x Collins Speaker Stand set (2 stands) No need to carry around a heavy PA with the lighweight feature-filled Samson Expedition XP308i compact PA system! With the Samson Expedition XP308i you get two 150-watt speakers with 8-inch woofers in 2-way vented enclosures and 1-inch tweeters in 60 x 90 degree horns for complete coverate, a surprising amount of power when you consider how lightweight the whole system is. At less than 40-pounds the Samson Expedition XP308i is a lightweight and portable PA system with clear and powerful sound. Mix an entire band using the 8-channel mixer, and there's a built-in iPod dock to play music between sets. When the gig's over, both speakers and the mixer fit together into an ingenious, carry-it-with-one-hand package. The speakers of the Samson Expedition XP308i join together and the included mixer fits into the back of one of the speakers. The Samson XP308i is the perfect portable PA system for singer/songwriters, schools, businesses, bands, and theater groups. With the 8-channel mixer, the Samson XP308i provides enough channels to mic the whole band. Up to four vocalists can sing through the Samson Expedition XP308i. The Samson XP308i includes two stereo inputs for connecting stereo signals like a keyboard, a drum machine, or CD player plus a dock for your iPod to play music between sets or to cue backing tracks. The Samson Expedition XP308i includes a Music/Speech switch to add reverb to any vocal channel. The Samson Expedition XP308i 8-channel mixer tilts for desktop use, the speakers tilt so you can use one speaker for the audience and one speaker for a stage monitor to hear yourself. The Samson XP308i is constructed using durable ABS, high impact plastic making it super road tough and lightweight. If you need a PA sound system for small clubs, schools, trade show, office or churches the Expedition XP308i is the ideal solution delivery high quality sound in an extremely portable, easy to move package. SAMSON EXPEDITION XP308I COMPACT PORTABLE PA SYSTEM WITH IPOD DOCK Ingenious design lets you carry a PA in one hand. Optimize the sound for speech or for music. Connect a band and dock your iPod with the 8-channel powered mixer. Add reverb to any microphone channel for a professional sound. Powerful system comes with dual 2-way speakers, so the whole crowd can hear. Compact 300-watt PA system with dual 2-way PA loudspeakers. Practical design allows all pieces to connect into a single portable case. Internal 2 x 150 watt lightweight Class D amplifier. 8-inch woofers in 2-way vented enclosures. 1-inch titanium tweeter in custom horn with 60 x 90 degree coverage. 8-channel removable mixer with four mic / line inputs, two stereo inputs and phantom power for condenser microphones. Bass and treble control on input channels. Monitor out on two-inch jacks allows connection to external powered monitors. Internal effects processor to add digital reverb to any microphone channel. Integrated iPod dock. Music / Speech switch to set overall system equalization. Six-segment level meter with limit indicator. RCA record outputs to connect to external recorder. Speaker cables included. Speakers tilt back to use as floor monitors.