Samson SRK21 Studio-Racks 21U

Samson SRK21 Studio-Racks 21U, Mixing Desk

Item number: 10018772
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Mixing Desk • Heavy-duty 19" equipment racks made ​​of steel with closed sides • U.S. and E.U. Rack screws used • Lockable 75mm castors • Includes 1U Rack Panel • Includes U.S. and European rack screws • 19" Rack 21U • Width: 50.7 cm • Height: 100 cm (with wheels: 110 cm ) • Depth: 46 cm • Samson's SRK rugged equipment racks are solid steel and feature fully enclosed steel side panels. They are available in four sizes: 8-space (SRK8), 12-space (SRK12), 16-space (SRK16) and 21-space (SRK21). The racks are set upon 4 heavy-duty, 3-inch (75 mm) casters with locking fronts. Each Samson equipment rack includes a single-space, flanged blank panel. The truly innovative thing is that the unique steel support bar construction allows the racks to be assembled to accept either the European or US thread sizes.