Samson S-Com Plus

Samson S-Com Plus, Dynamic Processor

Item number: 9540002
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Dynamic Processor • Dynamics Processor: Compressor/limiter/expander/gate • Additional Features: Adjustable de-esser and adjustable limiter, switchable enhancer • Audio channels: 2 both channels can be linked whilst using stereo signals • Displays: 12 Segment LED meter for gain reduction, input/output level, 5 segments LED meter for De essing level. • Inputs and Outputs: XLR • Features: Key input per channel. • Bypass: - • Presets: - • External Dimensions: 19"/1U • The S Com plus is a highly adaptable stereo compressor/limiter in an efficient single rackspace design. It is intended for situations where extra flexibility is required to optimize signal levels. It delivers essential control along with simplicity of operation. S Com Pluss comprehensive and wide-ranging controls provide extensive manipulation of audio dynamics, even in the most complex situations.Each channel features a wide range of variable control. A feature-rich Compressor section includes variable Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release controls. Samsons SKD (Smart Knee Detector) circuit dynamically adjusts the compression curve to ensure a musical result. Our exclusive AEG (Auto Envelope Generator) function simplifies optimum settings by constantly analyzing the audio input and automatically adjusting the attack and release parameters based on the changing level. Key Inputs and Outputs are included for externally processing the control voltage.The Expander/Gate features a variable threshold level and switchable release time (fast or slow). The Gate switch changes the downward expander ratio from "light" to "hard" gating for control ranging from subtle to an obvious effect. A dedicated Peak/Limiter with variable control provides protection against peak and overload independently of the compressor. When used in combination with the Compressor the Peak/Limiter offers even more precise control over dynamic levels. A functional De-esser improves audio quality by removing "S" from vocals and sibilance from overly bright signal sources such as cymbals. The Enhancer switch engages the EFR (Enhanced Frequency Recovery) circuit, which restores high frequencies that are sometimes diminished by heavy compression. Extensive metering includes Input/Output, Gain Reduction, De-esser Level, Gate Open/Close and Limit. Compressor/Limiter, Expander/Gate, De-Esser with Peak Limiter Expander/Gate with Variable Trigger Control and Switchable Fast/Slow Release Peak Limiter with Independent Threshold Control and Peak LED Adjustable De-Esser with independent LED Meter for Reducing Sibilance Advanced Circuit Design Utilizing Low Noise Operational Amplifiers and High Quality VCAs Servo Balanced Inputs and Outputs on XLR and 1/4" Connectors SKD (Smart Knee Detector) Circuit Switches from Soft to Hard Knee Based on the Level of Input Signal Applied AEG (Auto Envelope Generator) Mode Constantly Adjusts the Compressors Attack and Release Times