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Chinese-Cymbal Meinl Byzance Traditional 16" China, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionMeinl Byzance Traditional 16" China, Chinese-Cymbal € 268,-* Theatre Teclumen Curva 18/36 Zoomprofil, Lighting Solutions, Light & StageTeclumen Curva 18/36 Zoomprofil, Theatre € 750,-* Colour Filter LEE Filters 003 Lavender Tint, Lighting Accessories, Light & StageLEE Filters 003 Lavender Tint, Colour Filter € 16,90* Colour Filter LEE Filters 024 Scarlet, Lighting Accessories, Light & StageLEE Filters 024 Scarlet, Colour Filter € 9,90* Colour Filter LEE Filters 053 Paler Lavender, Lighting Accessories, Light & StageLEE Filters 053 Paler Lavender, Colour Filter € 7,50* Colour Filter LEE Filters 109 Light Salmon, Lighting Accessories, Light & StageLEE Filters 109 Light Salmon, Colour Filter € 7,50* Colour Filter LEE Filters 110 Middle Rose, Lighting Accessories, Light & StageLEE Filters 110 Middle Rose, Colour Filter € 7,50* Crash-Cymbal Meinl Byzance Traditional 14" Thin Crash, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionMeinl Byzance Traditional 14" Thin Crash, Crash-Cymbal € 185,-* Crash-Ride-Cymbal Paiste RUDE 18" Crash-Ride, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionPaiste RUDE 18" Crash-Ride, Crash-Ride-Cymbal € 289,-* Crash-Cymbal Sabian HH SA11868B, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionSabian HH SA11868B, Crash-Cymbal € 379,-* Hi-Hat-Cymbal Zildjian A 13" Mastersound HiHat, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionZildjian A 13" Mastersound HiHat, Hi-Hat-Cymbal € 355,-* Hi-Hat-Cymbal Sabian HH SA11350B, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionSabian HH SA11350B, Hi-Hat-Cymbal € 459,-* Hi-Hat-Cymbal Paiste Signature Traditionals 14" Medium Light HiHat, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionPaiste Signature Traditionals 14" Medium Light HiHat, Hi-Hat-Cymbal € 644,-* EQ dbx 215-S, PA/Studio-Peripherie, PA/DJdbx 215-S, EQ € 109,-* Drum Throne Tama Roadpro HT65WN, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionTama Roadpro HT65WN, Drum Throne € 99,-* Keyboard Korg Pa-4X61 Oriental, Keyboards/Organ, KeyboardKorg Pa-4X61 Oriental, Keyboard € 2.999,-* Bass Amp Ibanez Promethean P3110, Amps, Guitar/BassIbanez Promethean P3110, Bass Amp € 359,-* Guitar Amp Koch Amps Classictone II 20, Amps, Guitar/BassKoch Amps Classictone II 20, Guitar Amp € 1.249,-* Electric Guitar Schecter Tempest 40th Anniversary, Electric Guitars, Guitar/BassSchecter Tempest 40th Anniversary, Electric Guitar € 989,-* Guitar Cabinet Blackstar HTV-212, Amps, Guitar/BassBlackstar HTV-212, Guitar Cabinet € 349,-* CD-Player Tascam CD 500, Player, PA/DJTascam CD 500, CD-Player € 475,-* Guitar Amp Blackstar HT Metal 5R, Amps, Guitar/BassBlackstar HT Metal 5R, Guitar Amp € 439,-* Acoustic Guitar Seagull S6 The Original, Western Guitars, Guitar/BassSeagull S6 The Original, Acoustic Guitar € 477,-* Guitar Amp Marshall CODE25, Amps, Guitar/BassMarshall CODE25, Guitar Amp € 209,-* Guitar Effect Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb, Effects, Guitar/BassKeeley Caverns Delay Reverb, Guitar Effect € 229,-* Bongos Latin Percussion Matador M200F-KR Raul Rekow, Percussion, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion Matador M200F-KR Raul Rekow, Bongos € 209,-* Western & Resonator Ernie Ball Earthwood EB2008 010-052, Strings, Guitar/BassErnie Ball Earthwood EB2008 010-052, Western & Resonator € 7,30* Microphone Sennheiser HSP2-EW3 Headset beige, Microphones, PA/DJSennheiser HSP2-EW3 Headset beige, Microphone € 495,-* Bassdrum Pedal DW 5002AD4 Delta Accelerator, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionDW 5002AD4 Delta Accelerator, Bassdrum Pedal € 480,-* Drum Throne Magnum DS-JR Junior, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionMagnum DS-JR Junior, Drum Throne € 19,90* Wireless Systems Line 6 XD-V75HS-T, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJLine 6 XD-V75HS-T, Wireless Systems € 499,-* DJ-Controller Denon MC6000MK2, DJ Equipment, PA/DJDenon MC6000MK2, DJ-Controller € 555,-* Guitar Effect JHS Angry Charlie V3, Effects, Guitar/BassJHS Angry Charlie V3, Guitar Effect € 199,-* Stage Piano Roland FP-30 BK, Digital Pianos, KeyboardRoland FP-30 BK, Stage Piano € 589,-* Synthesizer Yamaha Reface DX, Synthesizer/Sampler, KeyboardYamaha Reface DX, Synthesizer € 369,-* Guitar Amp Head Fender Bassbreaker 15 Head, Amps, Guitar/BassFender Bassbreaker 15 Head, Guitar Amp Head € 479,-* Guitar Effect Real McCoy Custom RMC 10 Wah, Effects, Guitar/BassReal McCoy Custom RMC 10 Wah, Guitar Effect € 280,-* Drumsticks Magnum US-Hickory MS-8DXX Wood Tip, Sticks, Drums/PercussionMagnum US-Hickory MS-8DXX Wood Tip, Drumsticks € 2,20* Moving Head Expolite Tour Beam 50 Mini, Lighting Solutions, Light & StageExpolite Tour Beam 50 Mini, Moving Head € 559,-* Tom Mount Gibraltar SC-BCLR-M, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionGibraltar SC-BCLR-M, Tom Mount € 32,30* Ride-Cymbal Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 21" Custom Dry Ride, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionIstanbul Mehmet Traditional 21" Custom Dry Ride, Ride-Cymbal € 239,-* Guitar Cabinet Hughes & Kettner Coreblade MC 412 CL, Amps, Guitar/BassHughes & Kettner Coreblade MC 412 CL, Guitar Cabinet € 599,-* Microphone Audix D2, Microphones, PA/DJAudix D2, Microphone € 127,-* Alto Wood Block Magnum M240 Gig Block Blue, Percussion, Drums/PercussionMagnum M240 Gig Block Blue, Alto Wood Block € 9,90* Western & Resonator Ernie Ball Earthwood EB2003 012-054, Strings, Guitar/BassErnie Ball Earthwood EB2003 012-054, Western & Resonator € 7,50* Tenor Trombone Jupiter Standard JTB432LQ B-Ware, Trombones, Brass & WoodwindJupiter Standard JTB432LQ B-Ware, Tenor Trombone € 598,-* Clarinet Jupiter JCL-637 SQ Versandretoure, Clarinets, Brass & WoodwindJupiter JCL-637 SQ Versandretoure, Clarinet € 349,-* Marching Beater Promark Hickory DC3S Wood Tip, Sticks, Drums/PercussionPromark Hickory DC3S Wood Tip, Marching Beater € 14,90* Triangle Magnum T1G5, Percussion, Drums/PercussionMagnum T1G5, Triangle € 5,-* Tambourine Meinl TMT1B-BK schwarz, Percussion, Drums/PercussionMeinl TMT1B-BK schwarz, Tambourine € 49,-* Handdrum Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum 12", Percussion, Drums/PercussionRemo Fiberskyn Frame Drum 12", Handdrum € 28,-* Percussion holder Magnum Bowmount 8-5, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionMagnum Bowmount 8-5, Percussion holder € 20,-* Percussion holder Magnum Bowmount 10-6, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionMagnum Bowmount 10-6, Percussion holder € 25,-* Percussion holder Magnum Bowmount 12-5, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionMagnum Bowmount 12-5, Percussion holder € 25,-* Tenor Trombone Jupiter Student JTB532 RLQ Versandretoure, Trombones, Brass & WoodwindJupiter Student JTB532 RLQ Versandretoure, Tenor Trombone € 690,-* Percussion holder Magnum MCWH1, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionMagnum MCWH1, Percussion holder € 9,90* Orff accessories Sonor Zapfen 76500500, Orff, Drums/PercussionSonor Zapfen 76500500, Orff accessories € 1,10* Replacement Unit Magnum MSA13, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionMagnum MSA13, Replacement Unit € 9,90* Replacement Unit Magnum MSA-60, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionMagnum MSA-60, Replacement Unit € 16,-* Replacement Unit Magnum Snareabhebung MSA70, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionMagnum Snareabhebung MSA70, Replacement Unit € 9,90* Replacement Unit Pearl Export EX T075, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionPearl Export EX T075, Replacement Unit € 2,50* Replacement Unit Latin Percussion LP215A-1, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion LP215A-1, Replacement Unit € 8,90* Bassdrum Pedal Yamaha BH85W, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionYamaha BH85W, Bassdrum Pedal € 15,-* Replacement Unit Magnum MBF80Z, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionMagnum MBF80Z, Replacement Unit € 0,50* Guitar Amp Roland Jazz Chorus JC120B, Amps, Guitar/BassRoland Jazz Chorus JC120B, Guitar Amp € 1.299,-* Bass Cabinet Ampeg Classic SVT-15E, Amps, Guitar/BassAmpeg Classic SVT-15E, Bass Cabinet € 649,-* Western & Resonator Ernie Ball Acoustic EB2150 010-050, Strings, Guitar/BassErnie Ball Acoustic EB2150 010-050, Western & Resonator € 8,50* Microphone Shure Microflex Overhead MX202BP C black, Microphones, PA/DJShure Microflex Overhead MX202BP C black, Microphone € 259,-* Tremolo Arm cap Boston AW400B, Spare Parts, Guitar/BassBoston AW400B, Tremolo Arm cap € 2,90* Colour Filter LEE Filters 127 Smokey Pink, Lighting Accessories, Light & StageLEE Filters 127 Smokey Pink, Colour Filter € 7,50* Bass-Drum Head Remo Suede Emperor BB-1824-00, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionRemo Suede Emperor BB-1824-00, Bass-Drum Head € 38,50* Conga Latin Percussion Galaxy LP806Z-AW Giovanni, Percussion, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion Galaxy LP806Z-AW Giovanni, Conga € 729,-* Alto Wood Block Magnum Gig Block red M242, Percussion, Drums/PercussionMagnum Gig Block red M242, Alto Wood Block € 9,90* Footswitch Collins USA-Fe FS01 on/off, Amp. Parts, Guitar/BassCollins USA-Fe FS01 on/off, Footswitch € 29,90* Tenor Trombone Jupiter Ergonomic JTB438RLQ, Trombones, Brass & WoodwindJupiter Ergonomic JTB438RLQ, Tenor Trombone € 598,-* Tenor Trombone Jupiter Ergonomic JTB538RLQ Versandretoure, Trombones, Brass & WoodwindJupiter Ergonomic JTB538RLQ Versandretoure, Tenor Trombone € 1.069,-* Conga Meinl Woodcraft WC1134ZFA-M, Percussion, Drums/PercussionMeinl Woodcraft WC1134ZFA-M, Conga € 619,-* Speaker Wiring t&mCable 4x4, Cable/by the Meter, Accessoriest&mCable 4x4, Speaker Wiring € 4,49* Percussion Head Latin Percussion Galaxy LP274A, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion Galaxy LP274A, Percussion Head € 62,-* Power Management. Godlyke Cable Red, Effects, Guitar/BassGodlyke Cable Red, Power Management. € 1,95* Single Components AKG SR 450, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJAKG SR 450, Single Components € 149,-* Tom Head Evans Edge Control EC1 Coated B18EC1, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionEvans Edge Control EC1 Coated B18EC1, Tom Head € 30,80* Tom Head Evans Edge Control EC1 Coated B15EC1, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionEvans Edge Control EC1 Coated B15EC1, Tom Head € 21,95* Tom Head Evans Edge Control EC1 Coated B13EC1, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionEvans Edge Control EC1 Coated B13EC1, Tom Head € 20,50* Tom Head Evans Edge Control EC1 Coated B08EC1, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionEvans Edge Control EC1 Coated B08EC1, Tom Head € 17,65* Carry Strap BG S 50 M, Wind accessories, Brass & WoodwindBG S 50 M, Carry Strap € 45,-* Bass Amp Head Markbass Little Mark 800, Amps, Guitar/BassMarkbass Little Mark 800, Bass Amp Head € 699,-* Wireless Pickups Line 6 Relay G90, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJLine 6 Relay G90, Wireless Pickups € 589,-* Head Set Evans Edge Control EC2S Clear ETP-EC2SCLR-R Rock, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionEvans Edge Control EC2S Clear ETP-EC2SCLR-R Rock, Head Set € 52,-* Active PA-Speakers RCF ART 905-AS, Loudspeaker systems, PA/DJRCF ART 905-AS, Active PA-Speakers € 1.479,-* Electric Bass Guitar Fender Road Worn '50s Precision Bass FRD, Electric Basses, Guitar/BassFender Road Worn '50s Precision Bass FRD, Electric Bass Guitar € 1.459,-* Percussion Head Latin Percussion LP960, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion LP960, Percussion Head € 58,-* Saddle Musik Produktiv Western 12-saitig, Spare Parts, Guitar/BassMusik Produktiv Western 12-saitig, Saddle € 1,30* Percussion Head Latin Percussion CP CP265C, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion CP CP265C, Percussion Head € 51,-* Percussion Head Latin Percussion LP493B, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion LP493B, Percussion Head € 56,-* Percussion Head Latin Percussion CP CP636A, Drumskins/Heads, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion CP CP636A, Percussion Head € 31,-* Percussion holder Gretsch Renown GS-14/8GTS, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionGretsch Renown GS-14/8GTS, Percussion holder € 25,90* Replacement Unit Gibraltar SC-ML78, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionGibraltar SC-ML78, Replacement Unit € 12,20* Replacement Unit Gibraltar SC-1BDB, Drum-Accessories, Drums/PercussionGibraltar SC-1BDB, Replacement Unit € 30,50* Tom Mount Gibraltar SC-LRHS-1, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionGibraltar SC-LRHS-1, Tom Mount € 8,70*