Roland VK-8

Roland VK-8, Organ

Item number: 25301019
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Organ • 61-Key Modelled Tonewheel Organ with COSM Effects • 61-note single manual combo organ • Waterfall keyboard with velocity-sensitive keys • Rotary speaker modelling with overdrive effect • Traditional panel layout: 9 harmonic bars, Vibrato/Chorus knob and new Percussion button • D-Beam controller with Preset templates for more expressive performance • New orchestral voices: piano, strings, choir, etc. • Onboard reverb and chorus effects • 2 MIDI inputs for connecting a MIDI keyboard or optional PK-5 pedalboard • Solid wood cabinet and vintage keys • The 61-note Roland VK-8 organ delivers classic organ sounds including the virtual ToneWheel sound of the VK-77 double-decker combo organ. Rotary speaker modelling provides an amazing overdrive effect. The waterfall keyboard has velocity-sensitive keys and plays like a real organ. Features of the Roland VK-8 organ include a traditional panel layout, solid wood cabinet, vintage keys, instrument sounds such as electric and acoustic pianos, brass, synths and scat voices, a D-Beam controller and 2 MIDI inputs. Features:
  • 61-note single manual combo organ with enhanced Virtual ToneWheel technology
  • Cool waterfall keyboard with velocity-sensitive keys plays like classic organs-great for glissandos
  • 9 harmonic drawbars, vibrato/chorus knob and new Percussion button
  • Sophisticated rotary speaker modeling with overdrive effect
  • COSM Leslie-Simulation
  • New orchestral voices for a wider sonic palette(e.g. piano, strings, choir, etc.)
  • Onboard reverb and chorus effects
  • 2 MIDI inputs for connecting a MIDI keyboard or optional PK-7 pedalboard-enjoy full polyphony while playing pedals and keys!
  • D-Beam Controller
  • Authentic solid wood cabinet and vintage keys
The VK-8 is a combo organ with many new interesting features. The VK-7 successor model not only offers the well-known „Virtual Tone Wheel“ but also a Rotary speaker simulation based on Roland’s COSM Technique. A number of different types of Rotary speaker configurations are emulated virtually Also new is the „Waterfall Keyboard“, this feature is known from classic organ keyboards and is very useful for playing Glissandi. The control panel has a traditional layout with 9 drawbars, a switchable vibrato/chorus and a percussion push button. Also implemented is the D-Beam controller known from Roland synthesiser. Furthermore the VK-8 has additional sounds (piano, strings, choir etc.) expanding the musical possibilities considerably. Built in chorus and reverb effects round of the very good overall picture of this instrument. The combo organ has full polyphony via the connected pedals and/or the keyboard.

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